New Green Parkland Public Works and Fire Station Facility

The City of Parkland recently completed its new Public Works/Fire Station


The new Parkland Publix Works and Fire Station went through a major transformation from the 3,700 square foot  Old City Hall Facility!  The new building is now 7,600 square feet and is located at the intersection of Parkside Drive and Holmberg Road.

The facility has gone “green” including solar sight lighting, solar hot water heater, and a solar powered electric sign that will post various events and pertinent city information.  The developers of the project also recycled portions of the Old City Hall, including roof trusses and exterior pieces of the building, and used them in the new facility.  A full power generator has also be installed in order to ensure the continuation of these services during a power outage.

As an Emergency Response Center, the facility was designed to withstand over 150 mph winds from hurricanes.  The complex will also house 35 public works and fire fighters in order to respond better to fires and natural disasters.

In addition to housing the city public works and fire rescue operations, the building also has a conference/community room to serve for city meetings and Parkland homeowner association meetings.  Parkland residents and non-profit groups can also utilize the facility for meetings and events.  For more information on reserving the community room at the facility, please contact the City Clerk’s Office at 954-753-4132.

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