Common Reasons Why My Home Has Not Sold

  1. Did your past real estate agent provide you with a staging checklist in order to help prepare your home for the photographs and showings?
  2. Did your past real estate agent hire a professional photographer to photograph your home with a wide-angle lenses camera to capture your home at its best angles on high resolution images in order to provide on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), Realtor.com, & other online real estate websites?
  3. Were property measurements taken of each room in your home, so buyers can envision your room dimensions?
  4. Did your past agent create a detailed property description highlighting the major selling features of your home to include in all marketing materials?
  5. Did your past agent include complete directions to your home, so real estate agents and potential buyers could easily find your property?
  6. Did your past agent produce a virtual video tour of your home giving perspective buyers an interactive tour accenting your homes most salable interior and exterior features?
  7. Did your past agent include detailed neighborhood and schooling information surrounding your home in order to educate out-of-area buyers?
  8. Did your past agent increase your online exposure on Realtor.com: the world’s number one source on the Internet for home buying by including up to 35 property photographs, detailed property information, personal agent contact information as well as having your home appear at the very top of the search criteria?
  9. Did your past agent design a dedicated URL website of your home displaying its features and other pertinent information all on one convenient online marketing website?
  10. Did your past agent send a property email flyer of your home to over 45,000 South Florida real estate professionals increasing immediate interest and showings?
  11. Did your past agent feature your property listing on prominent online real estate websites: ParklandParrot.com, Remax.com, Realtor.com, WorldProperties.com, Google.com, Yahoo.com, Trulia.com, Zillow.com, Craigslist.com, Backpage.com, and other online highly trafficked real estate marketing mediums?
  12. Did your past agent design a custom property informational packet to include in the brochure box for all perspective buyers to receive making your home stand above the competition in your neighborhood?
  13. Did your past agent keep you informed of all showing activity on your home along with updated market reports of other active, pending, and closed sales affecting your selling price on a weekly basis?
  14. Did your past agent guarantee all of their services in writing and allow you to withdraw from the listing contract at any time at no fee?

We are selling 98% of our clients’ properties by using the above selling methods and much more. Our team guarantees our services in writing. It is time to start selling with confidence TODAY! Please give us a call at 954-609-0591 or Contact Us