5 Tips To Sell Your Parkland Home This Spring

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5 Tips To Sell Your Parkland Home This Spring

Parkland Spring Real Estate Selling Season Is Here

parkland-selling-home-in-spring-timeCalling All Parkland Homeowners!  The first day of Spring is here!  Your children are out of school for spring break, and you are starting to think about your possible real estate move.  June 4th is the last day of school for Broward public school students.  There will be a large pool of buyers looking to move to Parkland, Florida this spring, as home buyers want to make a move before mortgage interest rates increase.  However, buyers are now are adamant in getting a good deal.  There will be more competition during the spring and summer, so it is important to prepare your home to stand above the competing homes in your neighborhood and city.  Many real estate home buyers are looking for all three major factors: Location, Condition, and Price when seeking their dream homes.  As a result, the time is now to put together your action plan in order to get your home ready for the spring selling season that is now upon us!

1.  Curb Appeal
When buyers pull up to homes that are for sale, they know in seconds if they will consider buying it from the exterior curb appeal.  Sellers must be careful not to turn a buyer off by not having the outside of their home presentable.  It is essential to trim trees, bushes, and improve the landscaping with fresh flowers and mulch in order to make your exterior pop.  Sellers should also pressure-clean driveway and walk-ways as well as roofs and patios.  Touch-up painting the outside of your home, especially the front door and garage door, as well as cleaning all windows to make your home look fresh and clean.  I always say to my sellers that paint in the can is worth hundreds of dollars, but on the walls, it could be worth tens of thousands of dollars to buyers.  Remember, buyers that consider buying your home after their visit tend to linger in front of the home with their real estate agent.  The curb appeal could be the lasting impression needed to push them to submit formal offers!

2.  De-clutter Personal Possessions
When buyers preview homes, they are immediately drawn to personal pictures and clutter.  The goal is to make homes look and feel larger.  Buyers never complain that homes are too large.  As a result, sellers must eliminate clutter including larger pieces of furniture, unused items, and spacious closets.  I always express to my sellers to start packing up their homes and possibly purchase a storage unit in order to fully remove all excess furniture and other items in your home in order to open up the floor plan.  The goal is to have the homes looking like they always had lots of space and show more like a model.  Make your homes look bright and open with open spaces and light color.  Also, remove all odors by possibly cleaning the carpets, furniture, and window treatments.  Fresh and odor-free homes will keep buyers engaged.

3.  Pre-Inspection Repairs:
Before listing homes for sale, sellers should fix any functional issues before home inspectors find them.  I always express to sellers that the main issues that could possibly cause a deal to fall through during inspections are due to issues with a roof, air conditioning, water heater, as well as mold, and termites.  During seller interviews, I walk around the entire interior and exterior of the homes and ask questions in order to receive a history of the property.  I encourage my clients to have licensed contractors come over and fix the potential issues before placing homes for sale, so that these known issues do not arise during the inspection day.  If not, buyers’ inspectors may provide conservative repair estimates that may result in even higher costs for repairs.

4.  Pricing It Right From Day 1:
Even with price appreciation in the past two years in Parkland up to 20%, home buyers are not looking to overpay for homes and are using recent comparable sales during the home buying process.  I profess to my sellers that the first 30-45 days of the listing period is the most important, as your home is the “new kid on the block,” which every buyer wants to preview.  As a result, sellers should not overprice their homes, as they could stay on the market for 4-6 months and may require price reductions.  I never want to leave money on the table when discussing list prices with my sellers but want to price it right from the start.

5.  Hire A Local Real Estate Expert:
When interviewing the right agent for the job of selling your home, make sure to hire a top local Realtor that is an expert in your local marketplace.  Do not chance one of your largest financial assets to a part-time agent, out-of-area agent, friend, or discount real estate company.  You will most likely have an unfavorable experience and could leave more money on the table and possibly loose a close friendship.  You know the saying: “Don’t mix business with pleasure.”  I provide my sellers with a unique and customized marketing plan along with testimonials and phone numbers from recent sellers in their areas in order to see the experiences of working with our local Parkland real estate team.

If you are looking to know the current value of your home and to receive a free comparative market analysis instantly emailed to you with no cost or obligation, please visit: MyParklandHomeValue.com. I would also be happy to personally meet with you and go over the entire selling process in order to help you make an informed decision on your possible move. I can be reached at: 954-609-0591 or at [email protected]

If you read my Parkland Parrot Real Estate Website, you know that the Parkland and Coral Springs real estate market is changing on a regular basis.  Values here can vary dramatically from neighborhood to neighborhood.  Whether you are buying or selling, relocating, or moving to Parkland, Coral Springs Coconut Creek, or the surrounding areas in South Florida, it is more important than ever to work with a local Realtor who has experience and knowledge of the market and is a full-time real estate consultant.  I am honored to be the #12 top producing RE/MAX real estate agent in the entire State of Florida for 2014 along with being one of the top Realtors in Parkland and South Florida. I am also the top real estate agent at RE/MAX ParkCreek again for 2014.

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