Michael Citron Helps Parkland Sellers Short Sale Pine Tree Estates Home

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October 31, 2013
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Michael Citron Helps Parkland Sellers Short Sale Pine Tree Estates Home

Parkland Real Estate Agent Michael Citron Helps Homeowner With Short Sale

parkland-real-estate-foreclosure-short-sale-helpLast year, I met with a family in Parkland’s Pine Tree Estates community.  They were going through difficult financial times.  They had two mortgages on their residence and were completely upside down and did not know where to turn.  After meeting with them, I calmed their nerves and was able to help guide them throughout the entire short sale process.  In the end, they received a complete release of debt from both the first and second mortgage holders.

My clients recently emailed me a personal thank you note that I wanted to share with potential Parkland and South Florida homeowners in similar situations:

“Lori and I would like to thank you [Michael Citron] very much for all that you did with our short sale.  Your efforts with the buyers, and the contractual knowledge that you had allowed us to relieve the debt of the first and second mortgage equal to about $700,000.  This house debt was a triple threat of a storm that would have forced us into bankruptcy expect for your ability to close on this short sale. Thanks very much and we would clearly recommend you to any other person needing a difficult sale, such as a short sale.”   Rick & Lori Lueck

Helping homeowners meet their real estate goals and expectations, no matter if they are selling or buying, is what I thoroughly enjoy about the real estate profession.  But, when you can truly help a family and allow them to move on with the next chapter in their lives is priceless.  Now, the Luecks can move on and not have to think about having two banks pursue them for $700,000 for many years.  My team and I also specialize in short sales.  If you know anyone going through a similar circumstance, please have them call me at: 954-609-0591.  I also work with attorneys that will waive their retainer fees and help negotiate short sales and fight for full releases of debt from lenders.

I am a Parkland real estate specialist and Parkland resident.  Over the past few years, I have earned the distinction of being one of the top real estate selling and buying agents in the City of Parkland and in West Broward County and a top 1% Nationwide Realtor.  I am also proud to announce that I am currently the # 3 RE/MAX Florida agent.  If you would like to schedule a buyer or seller meeting with me, please feel free to call me directly at 954-609-0591 or send me a note here.


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