Can You Measure The Quality Of A School By Its Grade?

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July 8, 2013
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July 23, 2013

Can You Measure The Quality Of A School By Its Grade?

Florida Admits A Flawed School Grading System

parkland-florida-school-gradesHow do you know if a particular school is right for your children?  In the past, parents would consider the grade of a particular school as a strong indicator of the quality of the education for their children.  But, this past Tuesday, the State of Florida admitted that it’s public school grading system are no longer an accurate assessment to how well or poorly a school performs.

The Sun-Sentinel reported in their article entitled, State admits school grading flawed, that “The grades, which also affect everything from teacher pay to property values, have become so diluted they no longer serve their intended goal – measuring a school’s educational worth, the state said.  So for the second straight year, no school will be permitted to drop more than one letter grade, possibly reducing the state’s number of failing schools from 242 to 108, by one estimate.”

Many South Florida schools were only dropped by one letter and not by more.  The FCAT grading system relies on arbitrary cuttof scores rather that the improvement of the students from the past years, says Broward Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie.  Other experts state that the grading system should be changed, so all schools are graded appropriately.  As a result, the system will be universal, and the grades will then be an accurate assessment for each school.

I was personally quoted in this article, as school grading is extremely important to real estate values and potential clients looking to move into Parkland, Florida and other neighboring cities in West Broward County.

Many families are aware the criteria have changed and typically use a school’s grade only as a starting point, said Michael Citron, a real estate agent in Broward and Palm Beach counties.”  They will delve a little deeper and look at school’s reputation and go online to see different ratings and testimonials on websites,” he said.

I hope that a pure grading system is implemented soon, so that a true school grading assessment can be used as a strong indicator of the value for each individual Florida school.  Many families move to the City Of Parkland for our great school system.  But I profess how important it is for potential residents to also personally visit each school and spend more time researching online and  speak to other parents with children enrolled in Parkland.  As a result, parents will become more knowledgeable and truly know the value of the education in Parkland and other cities in Florida.

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