“Michael, Have We Missed The Real Estate Bottom In Parkland?”

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January 18, 2013
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January 29, 2013

“Michael, Have We Missed The Real Estate Bottom In Parkland?”

In the last month, my team and I have spoken with many potential Parkland and South Florida home buyers that are very interested in buying homes.  Many have asked our real estate team if they missed the “bottom of the market.”  Even though we express to our clients that the real estate market has turned around and the bottom has passed us, it is still a great time to purchase real estate.

You certainly can never tell when the “bottom” is truly upon us.  As a result, when purchasing a home in a decreasing real estate market, you never know how far values will fall.  Also, if you purchase a home just after the bottom while home values are increasing, then you can be assured that your house investment will not decrease in values in the coming months and years.

My team and I also like to remind buyers that a long term investment  in real estate is still the clear winner.  Check out the chart below from MSNMoney.com which compares the investment on real estate to  DOW, S&P, NASDAQ, over the past 13 years.  After looking at the chart below, this should strongly persuade all potential buyers to get off the real estate fence and purchase homes as great returns on their investments.


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