35 Parkland Single Family Home Resales In December 2012

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January 3, 2013
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January 18, 2013

35 Parkland Single Family Home Resales In December 2012

Parkland Real Estate Single Family Market Home Update For December 2012 Presented By Realtor Michael Citron

Property Address Type Of Listing Community Price Beds/Baths Pool? Water View? Square Feet
11664 NW 69th Place Regular Sale Heron Bay -Olde Brooke $892,500 6/5 Yes Yes 4,671
8616 NW 60th Court Regular Sale Tall Pines $855,000 4/4 Yes No 4,496
7483 NW 116th Lane Regular Sale Heron Bay -The Highlands $810,000 7/5 Yes Yes 4,610
6523 NW 105th Terrace Regular Sale Fox Ridge $620,000 5/4 Yes No 3,716
9587 Cinnamon Court Regular Sale Parkland Golf and Country Club $600,000 5/4 No Yes 3,947
11993 NW 79th Court Regular Sale Heron Bay -Sawgrass Bay $596,280 4/3 No Yes 2,914
7668 NW 122nd Drive Regular Sale Heron Bay -The Greens $535,000 4/3 Yes Yes 2,500
7106 Spyglass Avenue Regular Sale Parkland Golf and Country Club $525,000 4/2.5 Yes No 3,831
7801 Boulder Lane Regular Sale Cypress Head $515,000 4/3 Yes No 2,960
5159 NW 71st Terrace Regular Sale Pine Tree Estates $515,000 4/2 Yes No 2,067
6581 NW 103rd Lane Regular Sale Fox Ridge $510,000 4/4 Yes No 3,518
9637 Exbury Court Regular Sale Parkland Golf and Country Club $499,000 4/5.3 No No 2,844
10658 NW 69th Street Regular Sale Fox Ridge $497,000 5/3 Yes No 2,821
6975 Spyglass Avenue Regular Sales Parkland Golf and Country Club $490,000 6/3 No No 2,934
7247 NW 68th Drive Short Sale
Ternbridge $478,500 5/3.5 Yes Yes 3,378
7117 NW 68th Drive Regular Sale Ternbridge $465,000 4/3 Yes No 2,759
72410 Wisteria Avenue Bank Foreclosure Parkland Golf and Country Club $455,000 5/4 Yes Yes 3,703
7444 NW 114th Terrace Regular Sale Heron Bay -The Reserves $450,000 4/3 No Yes 2,525
8082 NW 109th Lane Bank Foreclosure Heron Bay -Meadowbrook $450,000 5/3 Yes No 2,254
7991 NW 125th Terrace Regular Sale Heron Bay – Sable Pointe $450,000 5/3 Yes No 2,831
6584 NW 72nd Place Regular Sale Ternbridge $440,000 4/3 Yes No 2,863
7780 NW 125th Lane Regular Sale Heron Bay-Heron Cove $440,000 3/2 Yes No 2,056
10825 NW 64th Court Bank Foreclosure Parkland Isles $437,900 3/3 Yes Yes 2,389
11202 NW 71st Court Regular Sale Parkland Isles $430,000 4/3 Yes No 2,493
12084 NW 76th Place Short Sale Heron Bay- The Greens $430,00 5/3 Yes Yes 2,654
7897 NW 121st Way Short Sale Heron Bay -Heron Cove $420,000 4/3 No Yes 2,734
9410 Eden Manor Short Sale Parkland Golf and Country Club $412,000 5/3 No Yes 3,200
7269 NW 68th Drive Bank Foreclosure Ternbridge $405,000 4/3 No Yes 2,312
6435 NW 78th Place Regular Sale Mayfair at Parkland $395,000 5/3 Yes Yes 2,933
7390 Wisteria Avenue Short Sale Parkland Golf and Country Club $390,000 4/3 Yes No 2,990
10979 NW 62nd Court Regular Sale Parkland Isles $350,000 3/2 No Yes 1,997
6260 NW 58th Way Regular Sale Sable Pass $347,500 4/2 Yes No 2,610
6301 NW 58th Way Regular Sale Sable Pass $315,000 3/2 Yes Yes 1,815
5910 NW 72nd Court Short Sale Parkwood $265,000 3/2 Yes No 2,067
6420 NW 58th Terrace Short Sale Sable Pass $247,500 3/2 No Yes 1,894

There were 35 total single family resales for the month of December, 2012 ranging in price from $247,500 to $892,500. In
November, 2012, there were a total 24 Parkland Single Family Resales. There were 11 more Parkland single family homes sold in the month of December, 2012 than in November, 2012. Among the December sales, only 11 were distressed sales (bank foreclosures or short sales). 34% of all sales were distresses ones.

The market always picks up at the end of the year, as buyers rush to close for tax purposes and to file homestead exemptions.  The inventory is at a record low levels in Parkland, Florida.  As a result, if you are thinking of selling your home, NOW is the ideal time, as the pool of buyers have dramatically increased due to the drop of real estate inventory in the city.

Also, 7 of the 35 homes sales were in Parkland Golf & Country Club.  Many buyers want to call the luxury golf course communities such as Heron Bay and Parkland Golf & Country Club homes for their families.  These communities also offer resort-style amenities for the entire family to enjoy.

We have also seen a steady decrease in the amount of distressed sales in Parkland.  Short sales in Parkland are accounting for approximately 30-35% of all single family resales in the past 6 months.  In neighboring cities such as Coral Springs and Coconut Creek, short sales account for approximately 60-70% of the total sales in these areas.  With a continued decrease in overall real estate inventory for sale, many buyers are willing to pay a premium.  As a result, sellers are receiving sometimes multiple offers on their homes from perspective buyers. Potential sellers should also take advantage of the current state of the real estate market, as mortgage rates are still at record low levels allowing for buyers to pay more for homes.  Also, sellers can then take advantage of these same low interest rates when purchasing their next homes to either downsize or upgrade to.

Every month, my team and I are the only Parkland real estate agents that takes the time to post each and every single family home resale that takes place in the City of Parkland, Florida. Being Parkland residents, we know how important is to keep abreast of the monthly real estate sales and market activity. If you would like to see home sales in the past months, please click here. We live and work in Parkland and can help you sell your home for top dollar or help you find the home of your dreams for your family and live the Parkland Lifestyle.

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