Sellers Asking For Post Occupancy Agreements Says Parkland Real Estate Agent Sun-Sentinel Story

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April 26, 2012
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Sellers Asking For Post Occupancy Agreements Says Parkland Real Estate Agent Sun-Sentinel Story

Post Occupancy Agreements Are Becoming Popular In Today’s Real Estate Market

Imagine that as soon as you put your home on the market for sale, you immediately have a buyer ready to purchase your home for top market dollar.  No, I am not talking about the old real estate market before the boom.  I am talking about today.  Homes that are priced well and are in desirable neighborhoods and cities with excellent schools safe communities are selling very quickly and for high prices.

3 of 4 of my last closings where I represented the sellers needed post occupancy agreements, as the homes sold quickly.  My sellers were amazed at how quickly their homes came on and off the market so quickly.  But, most of my sellers did not expect to be asked to move so quickly.  Plus, my sellers wanted to keep their children in the Parkland school system until at least the last day (June 7, 2012).  I was able to negotiate a post occupancy agreement with all three parties.  A post occupancy agreement is like a short-term lease agreement, where after the closing, the sellers stay in the home and pay a pro-rated amount of rent to the new buyers until they vacate the property.

The Sun-Sentinel featured two of my recent sellers and myself in today’s article: Home sellers staying after deals close. Most buyers wish to occupy the property right after closing.  But, if the home is located in a desirable location and priced correctly, a buyer may have to agree to the sellers’ demand for a post occupancy agreement or they may loose the chance to by the home to another interested party.  I had multiple buyers interested in my listings allowing for me to negotiate into the deal that sellers be allowed to stay in the home after closing.  As a result, my sellers did not have to be pushed out of their homes and can allow for their children to finish the school year.  Also, my sellers can get their money from proceeds of the sale and use them to help with their moving costs.

I would recommend to have an attorney draw up a post occupancy agreement in order to make sure that all parties are protected.  The real estate market is heating up!  If you are thinking about selling your home, now truly is the best time, as inventory is low and buyer demand is high.  I can help market and negotiate the best price and terms for your home.  I want to also thank my clients, Shannon and Melissa Santee, who I sold their home in Parkland Isles as well as Gregg & Monica Sherman, who I sold their home in Meadow Run.  Both of these clients, who are featured in the Sun-Sentinel article, received top market value for their homes and were able to stay after closing through a post occupancy agreement.  It was a win win for my clients, and I am glad to help meet and exceed their real estate expectations during the selling process.

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