38 Parkland Single Family Homes Sold in March 2012

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April 18, 2012
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April 25, 2012

38 Parkland Single Family Homes Sold in March 2012

Parkland Real Estate Single Family Market Home Update For March 2012 Presented By Realtor Michael Citron

Property Address Type Of Listing Community Price Beds/Baths Pool? Water View? Square Feet
7600 Marblehead Lane Regular Sale Cypress Head $1,400,000 6/6 Yes Yes 5,546
7023 Lost Garden Terrace Regular Sale Parkland Golf & Country Club $1,375,000 5/5.5 Yes Yes 5,736
7710 Newport Lane Regular Sale Cypress Head $1,060,000 6/4.5 Yes Yes 5,500
7709 NW 117th Lane Regular Sale Heron Bay – Highlands $845,000 6/5 Yes Yes 4,653
7722 Yosemite Lane Regular Sale Cypress Head $750,000 5/3.5 Yes No 4,008
9762 Clemmons Street Short Sale Parkland Golf & Country Club $649,000 5/4.5 Yes Yes 4,279
7821 Salem Lane Regular Sale Cypress Head $640,000 6/4.5 Yes No 4,537
7838 NW 111th Way Regular Sale Heron Bay – Greenbriar $600,000 4/3 Yes Yes 3,190
6157 NW 63rd Way Regular Sale Pine Tree Estates $580,000 5/3 Yes No 2,967
7506 Appalachian Lane Regular Sale Cypress Head $525,000 4/3.5 Yes No 3,400
10992 NW 70th Court Regular Sale Parkland Isles $520,000 4/3 Yes Yes 3,433
8254 NW 107th Terrace Regular Sale Heron Bay – Creekside $507,500 5/3 Yes Yes 3,307
12535 NW 67th Drive Short Sale Heron Bay – Heron Estates $507,000 4/3 No Yes 3,248
6514 NW 104th Terrace Regular Sale Fox Ridge $499,000 5/4 Yes No 3,203
11246 NW 65th Manor Short Sale Parkland Isles $319,000 4/3 No No 2,124
6621 NW 99th Avenue MY Regular Sale Meadow Run $490,000 5/4.5 Yes Yes 3,200
12232 NW 75th Place Bank Foreclosure Heron Bay – The Greens $485,000 5/3 Yes Yes 3,453
6778 NW 110th Way Regular Sale Parkland Isles $480,000 4/3.5 Yes Yes 2,815
12420 NW 83rd Court Regular Sale Heron Bay – Sable Point $477,500 5/3 No Yes 2,844
8040 NW 124th Terrace Regular Sale Heron Bay-Banyan Isles $467,000 4/3 Yes Yes 3,040
7681 NW 120th Drive Regular Sale Heron Bay – The Greens $465,000 4/2.5 No Yes 2,498
9930 NW 60th Place Regular Sale The Landings $455,000 4/3 Yes No 2,715
7150 NW 84th Avenue Regular Sale BBB Ranches $435,000 4/4 Yes No 2,729
6216 NW 80th Terrace Bank Foreclosure Pine Tree Estates $421,000 4/3 Yes No 3,258
6041 NW 61st Street Regular Sale Country Point $415,000 4/2.5 Yes No 2,572
11338 NW 70th Court Regular Sale Parkland Isles $415,000 5/3 Yes No 2,654
5901 NW 61st Manor Short Sale Country Point Estates $400,500 4/3.5 Yes Yes 2,832
6689 NW 128th Way Regular Sale Heron Bay – Casa Del Sol $385,000 4/2.5 Yes No 2,608
9467 Satinleaf Place Short Sale Parkland Golf & Country Club $360,000 3/2.5 No No 2,431
11167 NW 65th Court MY Regular Sale Parkland Isles $345,000 3/2 Ye Yes 1,977
6462 NW 80th Drive Regular Sale Mayfair At Parkland $343,000 4/2.5 Yes Yes 2,086
6400 NW 58th Terrace Regular Sale Sable Pass $335,000 4/2.5 Yes No 2,265
7254 NW 116th Way Regular Sale Heron Bay – Bay Cove $330,000 3/2 No Yes 2,056
6413 NW 110th Avenue Regular Sale Parkland Isles $330,000 4/2 No Yes 2,127
5731 NW 60th Street Bank Foreclosure Sable Pass $285,000 4/2 Yes Yes 2,343
6535 NW 78th Drive Regular Sale Mayfair At Parkland $250,000 3/2 No No 1,741
6310 NW 77th Court Short Sale Mill Run $238,900 4/2 No Yes 2,115
6540 Sutton Court Regular Sale The Mews $225,000 3/2 No No 1,487

There were 38 total single family sales for the month of February 2012 ranging in price from $225,000 to $1,400,000. In April, 2012, there were a total 19 Parkland Single Family Homes.  There were 19 more Parkland single family homes sold in the month of March, 2012 than in February, 2012. Among the February sales, 9 were distressed sales (bank foreclosures or short sales). 24% of all sales were distresses ones.

Sales in Parkland have significantly picked up in March, 2012 and look to increase as we are in full swing of the Spring and upcoming Summer real estate selling season.  We saw a lot of luxury homes selling in March including many in Cypress Head and Parkland Golf & Country Club.  It is also great to see how buyers are purchasing in newer communities as well as older ones.  As a result, buyers see the value in living in different neighborhoods in the city.

Distressed sales have decreased in the City of Parkland, Florida.  But, some experts believe that the banks and lending institutions are just holding back their bank foreclosure inventory until the Summer and towards the end of the year.  Also, inventory has been at record lows.  Currently, there are 180 total single family homes for sale in Parkland.  This is a significant drop in the past 6-12 months.  As we know, when supply falls, demand increases.  I am telling our clients that this Spring and Summer will be the busiest time for real estate buyer activity than we have seen since the boom.  If you are thinking about selling your home, now truly is the perfect time, as you will sell for top market dollar or more, and then be able to take advantage of very low interest rates on your future purchase.  If you would like to know what your home is worth and what you can afford when purchasing a new home, please give me a call directly at: 954-609-0591.

Parkland is one of the most desirable areas in all of South Florida. It is more stable than neighboring areas such as Coral Springs or Coconut Creek. More and more people are looking to call Parkland home and live the Parkland Lifestyle. With excellent schools, many parks, and a plethora of other activities for the entire family to enjoy, Parkland will continue to grow and become one of the most sought-after communities in South Florida.

Every month, I make sure to post each and every single family home resale that takes place in the City of Parkland, Florida. Being a Parkland resident, I know how important is to keep abreast of the monthly real estate sales and market activity. If you would like to see home sales in the past months, please click here.

Know the neighborhood. Know the value. Know your hometown agents: The Parkland Parrot Real Estate Team. If you are interested in buying or selling in Parkland or South Florida and are looking for experienced local Realtors, please do not hesitate to contact the Squawk at 954-609-0591 or send us a message here.

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