Parkland Realtor Michael Citron Featured In Sentinel Article On Seller Tips

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Parkland Realtor Michael Citron Featured In Sentinel Article On Seller Tips

5 Ways Home Sellers Turn Off Buyers

parkland-isles-home-sold-by-michael-citronHome sellers find interest heats up in the spring as many families look to get settled in a new place before the school year starts in August.  The traditional March-through-May buying season can be a dud for sellers who don’t deliver what they promise or who stand over buyers as they open cupboards and peek in bedrooms.  “Some sellers are their own worst enemies,” said Michael Citron, an agent for RE/MAX ParkCreek in Parkland, Florida.

1.  A cluttered house or one that smells. When sellers have too many possessions, buyers have a hard time imagining themselves living there. Sellers should put their stuff in storage – or move out altogether, if possible.

2.  False or misleading advertising. Sellers stretch the truth by claiming a home has four bedrooms, but the fourth room isn’t a bedroom because it doesn’t have a window and closet.

3.  Sellers not committed to selling. Some sellers want to test the market, then waffle when buyers show serious interest. Others ignore offers or are insulted by what they consider low bids.  Wishy-washy sellers don’t use lock boxes that give agents quick access or they’re not accommodating when it comes to scheduling the homes for showings.

4.  Overpricing the house. Many sellers are too attached to their homes and think they’re worth more than they are.

5.  Sellers who stay for the showing. This is a pet peeve of buyers and agents, who say sellers should be long gone when prospective buyers show up.  Citron strongly opposes sellers talking to buyers before they’ve signed a contract. “By revealing their motivation, for instance, sellers can inadvertently give buyers more power in negotiations and hurt the deal.”

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Article Written By Paul Owers, Sun Sentinel  March 27, 2012