Heron Bay Parkland Homeowner Asked To Take Down 911 Flag

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Heron Bay Parkland Homeowner Asked To Take Down 911 Flag

Heron Bay Parkland Homeowner Asked To Remove 911 Flag From Home


Richard Wentz, a retired New York Police officer that lives in Heron Bay, was recently asked to take down his commemorative 911 flag from his home.  Wentz lives in The Fairways At Heron Bay community and was told by the association that he must remove the flag or risk being fined or possibly sued.  Patricia Favata, president of the The Fairways At Heron Bay Board of Directors, claims that neighbors have complained that Mr. Wentz is breaking the rules of the association that state that a homeowner can only have one flag on their property.  Mr. Wentz currently boasts two flags: one regular U.S. flag and another special flag for the victims of 911.

Wentz is a true American hero that ran into Tower 1 of the New York Trade Center and helped pull out people before the building collapsed. Wentz also lost 43 friends and colleagues that day, and the inside of his Heron Bay home is a shrine to the lives lost at the World Trade Center. Mr. Wentz now is fighting cancer, which he says he received from breathing in all of the particles and debris during the cleanup of Ground Zero.

I hope that Mr. Wentz’s fellow homeowners in the Fairways at Heron Bay come together and voice their concerns to the Board Of Directors on the treatment of a formed New York police officer and hero.  I am sure that everyone can come together and allow Mr. Wentz, as well as other Heron Bay homeowners, the right to display their support for the victims and heroes of 911.

I also want to let our readers know that the Parkland Parrot Real Estate Team has no affiliation with the Heron Bay Homeowner’s Association.  We have received several emails from Parkland homeowners, as well as people from around the country, voicing their concerns.  If you would like to contact the association regarding this issue, please call Benchmark Property Management at: 954-344-5353. Again, I hope that Mr. Wentz can keep is flag posted proudly in front of his Heron Bay home.  I look to the Fairways At Heron Bay association to allow him to keep the flag up and, if necessary, amend their rules and regulations regarding this issue.

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