29 Parkland Single Family Homes Sold in September 2011

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September 28, 2011
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October 20, 2011

29 Parkland Single Family Homes Sold in September 2011

Parkland Real Estate Single Family Market Home Update For September 2011 Presented By Realtor Michael Citron

Property Address Type Of Listing Community Price Beds/Baths Square Feet
8968 Pinebrook Court Regular Sale In The Pines $1,250,000 5/6.5 5,255
6960 NW 70th Street Regular Sale Cypress Trail $835,000 6/4.5 4,369
6930 W Cypress Drive Regular Sale Cypress Head $793,888 5/5.2 4,596
6005 Pinewood Avenue Short Sale The Pines $755,000 6/5 4,948
11754 NW 79th Court Regular Sale Heron Bay-Sawgrass Bay $730,000 6/5 4,697
6930 Long Leaf Drive Regular Sale Parkland Golf & CC $697,500 5/5.5 4,699
6280 NW 104th Way Regular Sale Meadow Run $565,000 5/3.5 4,235
9287 NW 62nd Court Regular Sale Grand Cypress Estate $565,000 5/3 3,192
11320 NW 77th Place Short Sale Heron Bay Greenbrier $555,000 5/4 4,787
7410 Brigantine Lane Short Sale Cypress Head $540,000 4/4 5,605
6963 NW 66th Avenue Regular Sale Pine Tree Estates $533,500 4/3 3,197
9931 NW 58th Court Regular Sale The Landing $455,000 5/3.5 4,222
6264 NW 102nd Way Regular Sale Meadow Run $450,000 4/3.5 2,920
8092 NW 109th Lane Bank Foreclosure Heron Bay-Meadowbrook $425,888 4/3 3,235
8445 NW 62nd Place Regular Sale Tall Pines $425,000 5/3 2,697
7522 NW 110th Drive Regular Sale Parkland Reserve $420,000 4/3 2,320
7583 NW 113th Ave Regular Sale Parkland Reserve $420,000 4/3 2,751
8052 NW 123rd Ter Regular Sale Banyan Isles $410,000 4/3 2,600
7078 NW 67th Ter Regular Sale Ternbridge $408,000 3/2.5 2,700
8146 Emerald Avenue Short Sale Parkland Golf & CC $400,000 5/4 4,882
6120 NW 58th Way Regular Sale Sable Pass $372,500 4/2.5 2,675
9751 Kenley Court Short Sale Parkland Golf & CC $360,000 4/3 3,633
8159 NW 106th Lane Regular Sale Heron Bay-Creekside $330,000 4/2 2,000
11000 NW 64th Drive Regular Sale Parkland Isles $330,000 3/2 1,997
6439 NW 58th Wat Regular Sale Country’s Point $280,000 3/2.5 2,505
5909 NW 59th Short Sale Heron Bay-Sable Point $270,000 3/2.5 2,652
12540 NW 83rd Court Short Sale Heron Bay-Sable Point $250,000 5/4 3,770
12319 NW 80th Place Short Sale Heron Bay-Banyan Isles $210,000 4/3 2,800
8019 66th Way Regular Sale Mayfair $208,000 3/2.5 2,308

There were 29 total single family sales for the month of September 2011 ranging in price from $208,000 to $1,250,000 Last month, there were40 total single family home sales. There were 11 less Parkland single family homes sold in the month of September, 2011 than in August, 2011.  Among the September sales, 9 were distressed sales (bank foreclosures, short sales, or corporate owned properties). 31% of all sales were distresses ones.

I am pleased to announce that I represented two sellers and one buyer that closed on homes this month.  I listed and represented the buyers on a home in Meadow Run West at: 6280 N.W. 104th Way.  I also represented the sellers on a successful sale in Meadow Run West at: 6264 N.W. 102nd Way.  It is a true pleasure working with Parkland clients.  It is great to see the faces of new owners that are truly excited to live and raise their families in our beautiful city.

The decrease in home sales in September is a direct result of the new school year as well as the coming holiday season.  During this time, residents and potential buyers are focused more on their families and not as much on real estate.  But, we are telling both potential sellers and buyers, that now is the perfect time to sell or buy.  If you are a seller, you will not have as much competition on the market at the current time.  But, in early 2012, more Parkland residents will be putting their homes on the market for sale after the holiday season.  Potential buyers should also get off the fence now and buy, as interest rates are at record low levels.  You couldn’t ask for a better time to make a move!

Every month, I make sure to post each and every single family home sale that takes place in the City of Parkland, Florida. Being a Parkland resident, I know how important is to keep abreast of the monthly real estate sales and market activity.  If you would like to see home sales in the past months, please click here.

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