Tainted Chinese Drywall Builder WCI Gets Approval To Build Parkland Heron Bay Homes

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Tainted Chinese Drywall Builder WCI Gets Approval To Build Parkland Heron Bay Homes

WCI Communities Gets Parkland City Approval To Finish Building In Heron Bay

The Parkland City Commission voted last Thursday night by a 3-1 vote to permit Bonita Springs-based builder, WCI, to commence building 196 homes on the land that it owns in Parkland’s Heron Bay community

Our team was present during these council meetings and could definitely feel the frustration in the air.  In particular, a former Heron Bay homeowner, John Willis, led the charge in making a valiant claim to deny WCI the right to build.  Mr. Willis, and other concerned homeowners, presented evidence that WCI executives were aware about the tainted Chinese Drywall that was being put in their homes, but instead decided not to inform buyers in order to sell more houses.

But, WCI came prepared with their attorneys and argued that the City of Parkland did not have the legal right to deny them the bid to build the 196 homes because of Chinese Drywall issues.  The city commissioners heard other disgruntled residents state their claims.  But, in the end, the city approved WCI’s bid, because they did not want to be sued by WCI.  Parkland Mayor Michael Udine was quoted in the Sun Sentinel recently as saying, “I’m in agreement with how they (the Parkland residents) feel. Our hands were completely tied. We had to do this by law.”

Earlier this month, I wrote an article that received a lot of attention from our readers entitled, Should Builder WCI Be Allowed To Finish Parkland Heron Bay Community? Remember, WCI filed bankruptcy in 2008 and has never fixed any homes with Chinese Drywall.  Unlike WCI, builder Toll Brothers, who recently bought and took over the Parkland Golf & Country Club project from WCI, has already purchased dozens of homes in the community with Chinese Drywall and is totally re-mediating them to resell.  Many upset homeowners are angered how WCI has turned a blind eye towards their handling, or lack of handling, of homes with Chinese Drywall in Heron Bay, Parkland Golf & Country Club, and other Florida communities.

These homes must be built.  Having them stay vacant will only hurt Heron Bay and the overall Parkland real estate market in the long run.  But, it will be difficult to break the stigma that is associated with WCI as being a Chinese Drywall builder that cares more about money and their business than their residents.  How as real estate professionals am I supposed to sell the great features and benefits of Heron Bay to new perspective homeowners without being honest to my own personal concerns of how WCI has publically and privately handled the Chinese Drywall issues in Parkland?  I really hope that actions speak louder than words and that WCI builds 196 amazing homes in Heron Bay and goes above and beyond the call of duty for all residents to be 100% satisifed before, during, and after the building process!

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