5 Parkland Seller Tips To Make Your Home Stand Out In A Foreclosure Market

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April 11, 2011
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5 Parkland Seller Tips To Make Your Home Stand Out In A Foreclosure Market

Calling All Parkland Real Estate Sellers – 5 Tips To Make Your Home Stand Out In Today’s Market!


  1. Foreclosures & Short Sales Lurking In Your Neighborhood: According to Zillow.com, more than one out of every five homes sold in the entire United States were bank foreclosures.  In Zillow’s analysis, bank foreclosures typically sell between 18–59% less than comparable homes in the same neighborhood.  Like it or not, regular sellers must consider these bank foreclosure as their major competition.  But how can regular sellers in today’s market make their home stand above the competition, get traffic to the home, and ultimately sell for fair market value?  Below, please find some more helpful suggestions when selling in a foreclosure or short sale dominated market:
  2. Advertise The Upgrades & Features: Normally, traditional sales are in much better condition than foreclosures or short sales.  Foreclosures are usually unkempt, stripped of appliances, and possibly in need of significant structural repairs. Also, banks typically sell their listings in “as-is” condition, which means that the buyers will be responsible for the necessary repairs. Before putting your home on the market for sale, it is important to make any necessary repairs, increase the curb appeal, and paint in order to freshen up your home for buyers to see.  As a result, your home will stand above the competition of the foreclosures and short sales competing against you.  Also, these improvements will be showed off in the listing photos and during the showings.
  3. Photos, Photos, & More Photos: Most foreclosure and short sale competing listings only have one or a few pictures of the listings.  Make sure to take professional photos of your home.  The Multiple Listing Serivce (MLS) allows up to 16 photos to be included in each home listings, and Realtor.com permits up to 25 photos.  In a market where everyone is visual and is looking online for available homes, it is imperative to make your home show at its best.  Take photos of every features and benefit, so the potential buyers can see a pictorial tour of your home online.
  4. Promote A Faster & Seamless Closing: Foreclosures and short sales are notorious for not closing quickly.  There can be delays due to liens on the properties, necessary repairs needed, and a plethora of other title or related issues that can delay the closing dates by weeks or even months.  If it is possible for you to close in 30-60 days, it is important to market that your home is in move-in condition and can close in an expeditious manner.
  5. Spruce Up Your Neighborhood: It also important to know that buyers do not just buy a home.  They first buy a neighborhood.  As buyers drive around homes for sale, they will notice if there is other homes that have unkempt lawns and landscaping.  It could turn a buyer off to your home.  As a result, you should offer to cut the neighbors lawn or even the vacant homes in your community.  It will certainly help sell your home.  We had a seller that had two vacant properties next to them.  After agreeing to cut the 2 neighbors’ lawns, the home received an offer in a week and closed in less than 30 days.

We know the numbers, we analyze the market, our clients make better decisions. If you are interested in selling or buying a home in Parkland or South Florida and are looking for experienced local Realtors, please do not hesitate to contact the Squawk at 954-609-0591 or send us a message here.

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