Should Builder WCI Be Allowed To Finish Parkland Heron Bay Community?

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April 2, 2011
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Should Builder WCI Be Allowed To Finish Parkland Heron Bay Community?

Calling All Parkland & Heron Bay Residents! City Commission Meeting Tonight, April 6th At 7:00 p.m.

Not a week goes by that our team does not receives a question from perspective buyers and sellers regarding WCI Communities and the tainted Chinese Drywall issues.  For the past few years, Chinese Drywall has certainly hurt the public’s perception of overall Parkland’s Heron Bay and Parkland Golf & Country Club communities.

Tonight, all Parkland residents should attend this City Commission meeting at City Hall at 7:00 p.m. where the Commission will consider WCI’s request for approval to commence building the two new Heron Bay communities:  Somerset and Sawgrass Bay.

Important question that all Parkland residents should consider: Should we support WCI building the two Heron Bay communities? Remember, the “old” WCI was the former company that went bankrupt.  As a result, their equity was canceled, and the claims against the builder, including homes with Chinese Drywall are being addressed pursuant to the reorganization of the company and through the bankruptcy procedures.

The “new” WCI has gone through a full company face-lift including brand new shareholders, Board of Directors, CEO, and project management team.  As a result, the “new” WCI is requesting city approval to build homes in the two new Heron Bay neighborhoods.  Also both of these communities still have some homes sitting dormant for the past several years.  The following list are the commitments made by WCI:

  • Funding and installing the traffic signal at Pine Island/Trails End at the City’s request, well ahead of official traffic counts warranting it.
  • Funding the construction of the Plat 4 berm (a portion of Heron Bay’s northern boundary along County Line Road), well ahead of approvals requiring its construction.
  • The total restoration of the Heron Bay buffers and landscaped median areas along Nob Hill Road.
  • The commitment to construct the third (northern most) entry into Heron Bay in advance of approvals requiring its construction.

We strongly believe that these two Heron Bay communities must get finished.  Years have gone by, and nothing has been done to address this issue.  Also, building these homes will provide significant economic benefits to the City of Parkland. A June 2009 study by the National Association of Home Builders found that more families will move in to the Parkland area, which will generate 53 on-going local jobs, over $21 million of one-year local income, and $3.1 million of on-going local income.

I encourage all Parkland residents to attend tonight’s event.  There will be protesters that will also have their voices heard, so I look forward to this discussion and hearing from both sides.

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