Did You Buy A Home In Parkland Florida Last Year?

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February 21, 2011
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March 4, 2011

Did You Buy A Home In Parkland Florida Last Year?

File For 2011 Homestead Exemption By March 1, 2011

parkland-florida-homestead-exemptionCalling All 2010 Home Buyers!  You must file by March 1, 2011 for your 2011 homestead exemption.  In order to qualify for Florida Homestead Exemption, you must have met the filing criteria:

  • Be a U.S. citizen or legal resident
  • Own a residential property and have title to the property
  • Must occupy the property as a permanent and primary residence as of January 1, 2011
  • Only persons listed on the exemption application will receive the homestead benefits
  • Cannot have a homestead or other residency-based exemption in any other county, state or country. Florida Statutes allow only one Homestead per “family unit”
  • If home is owned jointly by a husband and wife, either party may apply in-person for the homestead benefits

Failure to file your homestead exemption on your primary residence could cost you thousands of dollars in savings this year!  If you do not wish to apply in-person, you can go online by visiting: Broward County Homestead Exemption

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