All In The Family – Helping My Relatives Buy A Parkland Home

Is Now The Best Time To Purchase A Home In Parkland Florida?
February 16, 2011
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February 24, 2011

All In The Family – Helping My Relatives Buy A Parkland Home

Promoting Parkland Real Estate To Family

parkland-fl-home-buyersOur philosophy as local Realtors here in Parkland, Florida is to always to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.  We always try to guide our clients down the right path when either buying or selling.  We like to put ourselves in the shoes of each and every client during the process.  As a result, we can sleep well every night knowing that we have our clients’ best interests in mind.

Now, I can actually put myself directly in my clients’ shoes.  I have sold many homes in Parkland to friends.  But, it is truly a special opportunity to use my expertise when helping my brother and sister-in-law purchase in the City of Parkland.

I truly enjoy my profession.  There is no better feeling than negotiating the best deal for clients and seeing their faces when I tell them that they can now move into their dream home.  I feel like I played a pivotal role in my clients’ lives, especially when I know that their young family will grow up and share many memories in that home.

I have helped my brother and sister-in-law sell their last home.  But, I know that their next purchase will be their dream home, where my niece and nephew will grow up and mature.  It brings back great memories that my brother and I shared together when we were younger and just moved into my parent’s dream home.  I am sure that my niece and nephew will enjoy their Parkland home like we did growing up.

We have submitted a formal offer to purchase a home.  I am just as excited as my family to hopefully put this deal together for them.  Wish us luck!

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Is Now The Best Time To Purchase A Home In Parkland Florida?

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