18 Total Parkland Single Family Homes Sales In January 2011

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18 Total Parkland Single Family Homes Sales In January 2011

Parkland Real Estate Single Family Market Home Update For January 2011 Presented By Realtor Michael Citron

Property Address Type Of Listing Community Price Beds/Baths Square Feet
12481 NW 75th St Regular Sale Heron Bay – Heron Isles $825,425 6/5 5,226
7608 NW 117th Lane Bank Foreclosure Heron Bay – Highlands $616,000 5/4.5 4,289
12185 NW 71st St Regular Sale Heron Bay – Edgewood $595,000 6/5 4,278
7975 NW 109th Lane Regular Sale Heron Bay – Meadowbrook $575,000 5/3 3,254
10971 NW 69th Place Regular Sale Parkland Isles $497,500 4/3 2,859
6778 NW 110th Way Regular Sale Parkland Isles $485,000 4/3.5 2,815
7325 NW 68th Way Regular Sale Whittier Oaks $450,000 4/3 2,555
6848 Long Leaf Drive Bank Foreclosure Parkland Golf & CC $433,000 6/5 4,683
9584 Exbury Court Bank Foreclosure Parkland Golf & CC $430,000 5/4 3,642
7120 NW 66th Terrace Short Sale Ternbridge $416,000 5/3 3,332
8134 NW 124th Terrace Short Sale Heron Bay – Banyan Isles $401,000 4/3 2,785
7605 NW 71st Terrace Regular Sale Cypress Cay East $317,000 4/3 2,712
8206 NW 105th Lane Bank Foreclosure Heron Bay – Creekside $310,000 3/2 2,182
9611 Kenley Court Short Sale Parkland Golf & CC $293,000 4/3 3,033
8106 NW 111th Terrace Short Sale Heron Bay – The Glen $280,000 4/3 3,956
6330 N.W. 77th Court Short Sale Terramar One – Mill Run $230,000 3/2.5 2,266
7036 NW 77th Street Bank Foreclosure Parkside Estates $213,000 3/2 1,848
7542 NW 71st Terrace Bank Foreclosure Cypress Cay $200,000 4/2 2,150

There were 18 total single family sales for the month of January, 2011 ranging in price from $200,000 to $825,425. Last month, there were 37 total single family home sales. There were 19 less Parkland single family home sold in the month of January, 2011 than in December, 2010. Among the January sales, 11 were distressed sales (bank foreclosures or short sales).

There was a significant decline in sold homes from the end of 2010 to the beginning of 2011.  But, there are always more sales in December, as buyers
want to close on properties for tax reasons before the end of the calendar year.
An increase in distressed sales is a good and bad thing.  Distressed sales
negatively impact the overall market value of homes in Parkland, Florida.
On a positive note, the increase in distressed closed sales means that more and
more Parkland short sales and foreclosures are coming off the market.  As a result, the market will hopefully stabilize by the end of 2011.

Now is the time to purchase a home in Parkland or South Florida as interest rates are already beginning to increase.  As a result, potential home buyers should speak with their mortgage advisers to see the difference between cost and price.  Even though prices in Parkland are continuing to decline, costs are increasing!  It also might be the perfect time to sell your current residence and purchase a new home.

We know the numbers, we analyze the market, our clients make better decisions. If you are interested in buying in Parkland or South Florida and are looking for experienced local Realtors, please do not hesitate to contact the Squawk at 954-609-0591 or send us a message here.

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