Good News For Parkland Homeowners With Chinese Drywall

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December 15, 2010
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Good News For Parkland Homeowners With Chinese Drywall

Judge Rules That Chinese Drywall Installers Can Be Held Liable


Sun-Sentinel reported yesterday that a Palm Beach County circuit Judge Glenn Kelly ruled that installers of the toxic Chinese Drywall can be held strictly liable under certain conditions.

This is a huge win for Parkland and other homeowners whose homes have Chinese Drywall.  Now with this recent ruling, attorneys representing clients that have Chinese Drywall do not have to prove negligence, but only that the product used is defective.

The article also points out that other counties, such as Broward County, are likely to follow Judge Kelly’s recent ruling.  This ruling was a 180 degree from last month’s ruling where Judge Kelly ruled that only manufacturers and distributors, and not builders, could be held accountable.

Our team receives calls almost on a daily basis regarding the Chinese Drywall issue in the City of Parkland.  Most homeowners effected by Chinese Drywall left their homes and are struggling both emotionally and financially.  Hopefully with this recent ruling, homeowners with Chinese Drywall can finally receive the compensation that they deserve!

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