City of Parkland Is Taking Out The Trash With New Solar Compactors

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September 27, 2010
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October 4, 2010

City of Parkland Is Taking Out The Trash With New Solar Compactors

parkland-environment-greenAs an eco-friendly city, Parkland is striving to conserve energy and go green!  Recently, the city announced that nine new BigBelly solar garbage compactors are being installed in Pine Trails Park and Terramar Park in order to help cut down the trash collection costs.  The compactors store up energy throughout the day and are programmed to crush the trash as the bags get full.

As a result of installing these new solar compactors in the parks, they will be able to hold 5 times more trash than a typical 25 gallon trash receptor.  Parkland’s goal is to replace all trash compactors with these new solar ones in the near future! Let’s support the City of Parkland’s goal and use these environmentally friendly devices, while enjoying our parks!

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