Finally A Resolution For Parkland Coyotes?

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August 6, 2010
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August 13, 2010

Finally A Resolution For Parkland Coyotes?

City of Parkland Hires Trapper To Catch Coyotes

The City of Parkland announced yesterday that the city has hired a trapper in order to finally catch the coyotes that are killing live stock and pets in non-gated Parkland neighborhoods: Cypress Head, BBB Rances, and Pine Tree Estates.

The trapper will identify the location of the coyotes and set traps that will be checked on a daily basis.  The trapper will begin setting traps on Monday and continue for a two-week period.  Hopefully, now that a professional trapper has been hired, the coyote problem will be rectified!  But, the city still recommends that all Parkland residents in the above mentioned communities be vigilant and avoid items that will attract the coyotes to their properties.  Hopefully, the trapper will be able to relocate the coyotes away from residential communities soon.

For more information from the City of Parkland, visit: Parkland Coyotes

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