Parkland Coyote Ugly Continues

Coyotes Spotted In The City of Parkland Florida
July 21, 2010
The Parkland Parrot Real Estate Team Has Landed In Parklander Magazine
August 6, 2010

Parkland Coyote Ugly Continues

We recently posted a story on our site: Coyotes Spotted In The City of Parkland Florida that received a lot of attention.  One concerned reader, Stephanie Lavender, responded to our article how coyotes are “elusive creatures that only kill when hungry and don’t attack unless attacked.”

Lavender is also upset how the media is spreading “unnecessary fear” to the Parkland residents, especially located in Pine Tree Estates and BBB Ranches, which are both located in non-gated acreage communities where the attacks have been recorded.

Obviously, the Parkland Coyote topic is of concern for many residents and the City of Parkland, which is meeting to address this problem, as more and more animal attacks and deaths are being reported.

Below, please click on WSVN7’s video report, Coyotes have [Parkland] animal owners on edge:


We are animal lovers, like Lavender, but want to make sure to keep the Parkland residents and their pets and livestock safe from all predators, including coyotes.  We again ask all Parkland residents located in the acreage communities to make sure to keep pets and children, inside after dark.

One of the great features of living in the City of Parkland is  coexisting with Mother Nature.  But, live stock and pets have been killed by coyotes.  As a result, it is up to Parkland residents to be cautious and on the look out for coyotes until this problem is solved.

For more information from the City of Parkland, visit: Parkland Coyotes

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