Top 5 Reasons To Live In Parkland Florida

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June 18, 2010
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Top 5 Reasons To Live In Parkland Florida

Top 5 Reasons To Buy A Home and Live In Parkland Florida


Thinking about moving to the City of Parkland, Florida?  Are you curious to hear about all of the hype?  Parkland, Florida is one of the best places to live in all of Florida, especially for families.  Below, please find 5 reasons why to buy and live in this great city:

1. Schools

Parkland has one of the best public school districts in the State of Florida.  Parkland also is located close to excellent private schools.  Many of the Parkland public schools are within walking distance to most communities.

According to the 2000 Census Report, Parkland is the best educated city proportionately in the entire State of Florida with 60.7% of adult residents (25 and older) holding an associate degree or higher, and 52.8% of adults possessing a baccalaureate degree or higher. Please view the left side column of our website for detailed information on every school in and around Parkland.

2. Parks & Recreation

Parkland boasts 7 parks and recreational facilities along with the new YMCA.  The City also consists of 8.5 miles of bike paths, sidewalks, and multipurpose trails.  Pine Trails Park, an 80-acre facility, houses Parkland’s community center, three pavilions, four tee ball fields, basketball courts, a fishing peer, and boardwalk, and amphitheater.

Parkland Parks include:

3. Family Activities and Events

The City of Parkland’s diverse population serves its residents with a wide variety of events and activities.  There is never a week that goes by where there is not an event going on at the parks or other city facilities.  Among the most popular events are the Concerts in the Park Series, Egg Hunt, and Farmer’s Market.  The City of Parkland also has many other events and activites.  Also, there are many sports leagues for your children to enjoy throughout the entire year.

4. Safety

All residents, especially with children, are concerned about the safety of their neighborhood and city.  Parkland is one of the safest cities in the State of Florida and the entire country. Parkland also has its own police department through the Broward County Sheriff’s Office and Public Works & Fire Department.

5. Small Town Lifestyle Close To City

Incorporated in 1963, Parkland is a diverse community of 25,000, which is expected to grow to over 35,000 residents in the coming years.  Parkland City leaders take a conservative approach to growth in order to keep a small-town feeling.  Residents are also encouraged to use the many parks and recreational activities that adorn this small city of only 10 miles.

These are just 5 of the many reasons to call Parkland home!  If you are thinking about purchasing a home in this great city or know someone looking to make a move here, please refer them to the Parkland Parrot Real Estate Team.  We are an experienced local real estate team that can truly educate new buyers on the many features and benefits of the city and Parkland communities.

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