WCI Knew Parkland Golf and Country Club and Heron Bay Had Chinese Drywall As Early As 2006

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May 31, 2010
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WCI Knew Parkland Golf and Country Club and Heron Bay Had Chinese Drywall As Early As 2006

WCI Communities Kept Quiet About The Chinese Drywall Problem As Early As 2006

Yesterday, Sun-Sentinel article reports that Bonita Springs-based-homebuilder WCI Communities was aware that homeowners were complaining about Chinese Drywall as early as 2006.  Unfortunately, WCI kept quiet and said nothing to its customers and the government.  This new information was ascertained by ProPublica and the Sarasota Herald Tribune.

The Chinese drywall issue did not catch the public’s attention until early 2009, when South Florida residents started to complain about foul smells and damaged appliances.

We reported that WCI emerged from bankruptcy protection last September. WCI built Heron Bay and Parkland Golf & Country Club, which are among the region’s hardest hit by Chinese drywall.

If WCI Communities hid the Chinese drywall problem from the many homeowners that purchased in their communities, then there is no telling what else they could be covering up from the public!

Buyers beware!  I urge perspective Parkland home buyers to hire professional and licensed home inspectors that also specialize in Chinese drywall inspections.  Any home built in 2001 or sooner should have a Chinese drywall inspection performed.  It is better to spend the extra money, so you do not become another victim of Chinese Drywall or other issues caused by WCI Communities.

WCI Communities –  Shame On You! Shame On You!

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