7 Essential Real Estate Buyer Tips When Making An Offer

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April 8, 2010
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7 Essential Real Estate Buyer Tips When Making An Offer

7 Essential Parkland and South Florida Real Estate Buyer Tips When Making An Offer

You FINALLY found the perfect property after looking at what seems to be a plethora of homes from foreclosures, short sales, and regular sales! Your wife is in love with the kitchen and the neighborhood. Your head is now spinning!  What now?  The day has FINALLY come!  What is standing in between you and your families dream home?  Have no fear! Read the 7 essential Parkland and South Florida real estate tips when making an offer on a home:

The Offer:

After finding the perfect home that matches your family’s purchasing criteria, it is now time to put together an offer for the seller.  Here are 7 tips when putting together an offer that will put your best foot forward and have the seller consider your offer:

  1. Submit all formal offers in writing and have your agent type the offer, so it looks very professional and can easily be read by all parties.
  2. Write a letter introducing yourself to the sellers.  Let them know why you submitted your offer on their home and describe how your family will enjoy the features and benefits.  Also, make sure to discuss your mortgage qualifications showing how qualified you are as a buyer.  As a result of writing this letter, the sellers will consider you as a serious buyer.  Most sellers are personally attached to their homes and will feel more comfortable negotiating and turning the keys over to buyers that will show the same pride of ownership.
  3. Provide a copy of your mortgage pre-approval letter.  Make sure that you submit all of your necessary paperwork to your lender, so you are 100% qualified.  Have your lender also provide your mortgage qualifications for the particular property that you are submitting your offer on.  Again, this will show the sellers how serious you are in buying their particular home.
  4. Write as strong of an escrow deposit as you can.  The sellers will again know you are serious, if you have already written a strong escrow deposit check to hold the property.  Again, you are positioning yourself as a serious buyer.
  5. Put in writing that you will quickly do your home inspection.  I suggest 5-7 days.  Again, you want to know as soon as possible that your new home is in good condition and not waste your’ time.
  6. Include recent sales when submitting your offer. This extra ammunition can help the sellers see the comparable sales from the buyers’ prospective than just their real estate agents.
  7. Make a strong offer.  I advise our clients not to low ball sellers.  As a result, it will only makes the sellers not want to work with you, and your offer will not be taken seriously.

The Result:

If you apply these 7 strategies, you will be much closer to owning your dream home.  Presentation is everything when making a formal offer to purchase a real estate property in Parkland and South Florida.  Good luck from the Parkland Parrot Real Estate Team here at RE/MAX!

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