I Cannot Sell My Home Because Of Personal Attachment

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I Cannot Sell My Home Because Of Personal Attachment

Sellers’ Personal Attachment When Negotiating With Buyers

When a home seller decides to list his/her home on the market, they practically open their doors to any and all potential buyers.  Homes become our private sanctuaries, and most people like their privacy!  Also, many family memories are shared in homes during the years of ownership.  We become personally attached to our homes as they are apart of our lives.

But, when listing your home on the market, sellers must separate their personal relationship to their homes and start thinking that selling their homes is a business decision, NOT a personal one!

One of our sellers cannot seem to separate his personal attachment to his property when negotiating multiple buyer offers on his property.  We understand the many memories and personal feelings that his family has regarding why they truly believe that their home is special.

Unfortunately, current buyers do not put the same dollar amount on personal attachment, as they are merely looking at the numbers and the features and benefits of the home.  With so many online tools available to potential buyers, sellers truly need to cut the umbilical cord!

Sellers also say that they need a certain amount of money to net from the sale of the home for moving and living expenses.  Again, buyers are not going to pay more than fair market value!  Do buyers care how much money the sellers need?  No!  Buyers have to worry about their own financial expenses.  Isn’t it still a buyer’s market?

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