Sellers Riding Parkland Real Estate Roller Coaster?

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January 15, 2010
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January 21, 2010

Sellers Riding Parkland Real Estate Roller Coaster?


Price Your Home Accordingly From Day One And Don’t Ride The Real Estate Roller Coaster

After closing our recent Pine Tree Estates home located at 6213 N.W. 63rd Way, Parkland, FL 33067 last week, I thought about how this particular seller rode the real estate roller coaster for the past few years.  He had gone through three top-producing local Realtors, before our team listed and sold his home in under 50 days!  He told me that they had an offer a year and a half ago for 1 million dollars, which he did not take!  As a result, he ended up selling his home in the $800,000’s, which is top-market price today!

I performed some further research using the 33 single family homes that sold in December, 2009. On average, each home ended up selling for approximately 25% less than it was originally listed for.  Of course, some sellers had their homes on the market in 2005 and had unrealistic expectations.

But, many of your fellow Parkland neighbors decided to ride the Parkland real estate roller coaster.  Unfortunately, the price of the ticket costs tens of thousands of dollars!

We recently went to contract on our listing in North Pine Tree Estates located at 6920 N.W. 66th Ave, Parkland, FL 33067.  We provided our sellers with this useful information about proper pricing.  Fortunately, both of our recent sellers had their homes under contract in under 50 days!! Best news is that they did not have to ride the Parkland real estate roller coaster.

As home values continue to settle this year, sellers need to understand that pricing is imperative in today’s real estate market.  It is very important to interview the right agent for the job of selling your home who is looking to actually SELL your listing and not just take your listing! Or else, you, your family, and your Realtor should be prepared to buckle up and ride the real estate roller coaster! Are you afraid of heights?

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