WCI Insurers Being Sued In Lawsuit For Chinese Drywall Coverage

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January 5, 2010
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WCI Insurers Being Sued In Lawsuit For Chinese Drywall Coverage

More positive news that action is being taken against insurers to help cover victims of Chinese Dyrwall!  The Sun-Sentinel reports that a trust established by WCI Communities has filed a lawsuit against 14 Louisiana homebuilders’ insurance companies for $200 million dollars for defective wallboard.

This trust was formed after WCI, a Bonita-Springs based company, went bankrupt.  It is expected that 700 homeowners in Parkland and other areas are seeking retribution through this trust.

Lead counsel to the trustee, Robert M. Horkovich, said that it is imperative that the insurance companies cover the claims against WCI, so homeowners effected by Chinese Drywall can remediate their houses and cover their significant losses.

A list of the insurance companies being sued include the following:

  • AIG’s American International Specialty Lines Insurance Company
  • Lexington Insurance Company

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