Dog Sniffing Out Chinese Drywall In Parkland?

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January 3, 2010
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January 5, 2010

Dog Sniffing Out Chinese Drywall In Parkland?


For decades, dog-sniffing canines have been used to detect bombs and drugs. Now, these trained dogs are being used to detect Chinese Drywall in South Florida homes.

K-9 Detection Services is a local company combining trained police dogs  and home inspection.  The dogs are trained to sniff out sulfur, which is the common chemical in Chinese Drywall.  The rotten egg-like odor that comes from Chinese Drywall can sometimes take years for humans to smell.  But, these trained canines are able to detect Chinese Drywall at a very early stage.

Homeowners usually spend hundreds to thousands of dollars just to test for Chinese Drywall.  Now, using trained dogs can be a lot cheaper and just as effective.  There are as many as 36,000 Florida homes that have Chinese Drywall, which corrodes appliances and wiring.

If a perspective buyer is looking to purchase a newly built home from 2001 or sooner, it is advisable to test for Chinese Drywall.  Also, homeowners experiencing the side effects should also have their homes tested.  K-9 Detection Services can be reached at: 800-381-2055.  Hopefully, more federal and state relief will come to homeowners effected by Chinese Drywall.

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