Could Home Foreclosure Mediation Be Mandatory Soon?

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Could Home Foreclosure Mediation Be Mandatory Soon?

Let’s face it!  You hear on every media outlet that Home Foreclosures are increasing throughout the United States causing homeowners to be forced out of their homes as well as drastically decreasing home values!  A study performed by a Florida Supreme Task force has found that approximately 10.5% of the 3.5 million Florida mortgage loans were in some stage of the foreclosure process.

I just read a great editorial from Florida Trend which highlights Collins Center for Public Policy, which is a research organization affiliated with Florida State University.  The Collins Center is taking the initiative in three circuit court districts, including Miami-Dade, to force lenders to try and mediate and do a loan modification before seeking foreclosure.  The Collins Center Mediation Program  has kept over 1/3 of the distressed foreclosure-bound homeowners in their homes at a modified mortgage payment that they can actually afford!

The Collins Center also arranges meetings with distressed homeowners and local financial counselors to go over all of their options including discussing President Obama’s Hope For Homeowners Program. This month, the Florida Supreme Court is also meeting to decide if mortgage mediation should be required by ALL lenders and making foreclosure the last resort for distressed homeowners.

I wish President Obama and Congress would have passed a bill like this last year.  Foreclosures will continue to negatively affect the economy in 2010.  We can help stop the bleeding, as the Collier Center’s program is not costing any tax payer dollars.  As a result, thousands of homeowners are still in their homes because of this initiative!  Can we get the rest of the counties in Florida, as well as the rest of the country, to FINALLY get on board?  I sure hope so!

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