Bring Your Horses to the Equestrian Center at Temple Park

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October 12, 2009
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October 12, 2009

Bring Your Horses to the Equestrian Center at Temple Park

Parkland Equestrian Center at Temple Park

equestrian-center-parklandParkland is a horse-friendly community where many homeowners, especially in Pine Tree Estates and BBB Ranches come to ride their horse at the Equestrian Center At Temple Park. Many horse riders frequent the center because of its open spaces and 2 Equestrian horseback riding rings.

Other amenities at the park include concession building and restroom facilities and a picnic pavilion with barbecue. Many residents make it a day at the Equestrian Center to enjoy horseback riding and picnics at the park. The Equestrian Center at Temple Park is also the only park in Parkland that allows residents to bring their pets. As a result, many weekends, you can find Parkland horses and k9’s adorning the park.


The Equestrian Center at Temple Park also has a Park Ranger on site. Residents and visitors are encouraged to ask the rangers any questions about the local wildlife or rules and regulations of the center. Park pavilions can be reserved by calling the Parks and Recreation Department at (954) 753-5040. Also, only Parkland residents can reserve a pavilion.

equestrian-center-parklandParkland equestrian enthusiasts are also encouraged to join the Parkland Horseman’s Association, established in the late 1970’s, which is a non-profit organization. This organization promotes horsemanship and horse riding and showing, especially for the Parkland youth. Currently, the group has over 300 members and organizes various shows and educational clinics throughout the year. For more information please visit the Parkland Horseman’s Association website or call 954-798-7488.

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