Can’t Sell Your Parkland Home With Open Permits

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August 30, 2009
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Can’t Sell Your Parkland Home With Open Permits

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parkland open permits

Parkland Sellers Have Problem With Open Permits

I am representing a seller who installed a fence in his backyard a few years ago.  Unfortunately, he neglected to double-check if the fencing company closed the permit with the city.  After getting his home under contract, title was pulled on the property, and walla: an open permit.

There is only a week before closing, so we are rushing to get the proper paperwork filed to remove the open permit.  ALWAYS remember when having any additions made to your house that you MUST make sure that the permits are closed on your property after the work is completed.  Remember, make sure that you are provided with written proof that the permit has been closed with the city before you cut the final check for the service.

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