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All Parkland Schools Again Awarded A-Rating

Home Values And Desirability Increase As Parkland Continues A-Rating For Schools

parkland-florida-schoolsI was quoted in today’s Sun-Sentinel article entitled, School grades can have impact on local economies.    School grades have a significant impact on the desirability, particularly to buyers in highly-rated Parkland and Coral Springs, Florida.   Your children can receive a great education without having to pay the exorbitant private school costs.

Experts also profess that the annual school ratings and graduation rates have a significant impact on local economies.  When working with buyers, I make it a priority to explain how great the local Parkland schools are.  I also advise all potential buyers to preview the local schools while home shopping.  As a result, when buyers, particularly ones unfamiliar with the Parkland area, see how excellent the schools are, they become even more interested in calling Parkland home for their families.

On my website, ParklandParrot.com, we list all of the public, and private, schools for potential buyers to peruse.  People are not just buying a home, but instead, they are first buying a city and community.  Values have also increased in cities with excellent school districts, like Parkland, as more buyers want to enroll their children in the best school districts in Broward County.

I wrote a past article entitled: 5 Reasons To Call Parkland Florida Home In 2012.  Top on my list is the A-rated public school system as well as the quality of life the City of Parkland has to offer its residents.  Forbes Magazine also designated the City of Parkland as the number 1 Top Education Town where the median home price falls between $400,000 to $600,000.  The recent schools ratings and today’s Sun-Sentinel article help reinforce the idea that Parkland is an amazing place to raise your family and live the Parkland Lifestyle.

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Parkland Florida Schools Voted Among Best In Nation

Forbes Magazine Report Shows Parkland Florida Schools As Among Best In the Nation

The annual review recently released by Forbes Magazine shows how the City of Parkland was voted eighth overall where a homeowner’s housing dollars went the furthest for local education.  Parkland also received the highest accolade in the category of homes costing between $400,000 to $599,999.

Forbes review was conducted with the help of GreatSchools, which analyzed 17,589 towns and cities across the country that administered standardized tests and the results from recent National Assessment for Educational Progress data.  As a result of the study of more than 200,000 public schools and charter schools, the City of Parkland excelled as being one of the best in the entire nation.

Parkland Mayor Michael Udine was extremely happy when first hearing of this prestigious honor, but not surprised by the city’s high ranking. “We have always emphasized the importance of our schools. Our City does as much as we can to assist our local schools. Our volunteers and school community should all be commended and congratulated.”

The Parkland Parrot Real Estate team concurs with Mayor Udine.  This is just another major reason why many people are moving their families to Parkland, Florida for a better way of life.  Parkland offers its residents an excellent public school system, 7 parkland and plenty of recreational activities for the entire family, small-town living, and safety.  Read an article I recently wrote about entitled: What Is The Parkland Florida Lifestyle?

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